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Join our Organic Team and guest presenter Luis Brenes to gain an in-depth understanding of Organic Crop and Process Standards under the guidance of the National Organic Program regulations for fresh produce. This course is broken up into 6 days with 4 hours of training per day. Each week is broken down into Crop and Process standards.


The basic elements of the certification process and its international regulatory framework.

Identify the main elements of the USDA NOP organic crop standard including requirements for management plan, terrain, fertility management, planting material, rotation, phytosanitary management and records.

Able to explain the organic control points that must be established on a farm to prevent risks of contamination and mixing.

The criteria for the approval of organic inputs for the production of organic crops and the post-harvest of fresh agricultural products.

Able to explain the mandatory and optional elements in a product label to the final consumer or in a label for transport and wholesale marketing.

Webinar Schedule

Week 1

June 7th-9th, 2021, 

Monday- Wednesday

8am - 12pm PST

Week 2

June 14th-16th, 2021, 

Monday- Wednesday

8am - 12pm PST


Full Course

Full two week course


Week 1
The NOP Crop Standards

  • Inauguration and welcome
  • Brief introduction to the principles of organic agriculture and the international certification framework for organic products.
  • The certification process under the organic regulation of the USA 7CFR 205 (USDA-NOP) with special emphasis on §205.100 to §205.102 and §205.400 to §205.406
  • USDA-NOP standards for crop certification, with special emphasis on §205.200 to §205.206
  • Permitted inputs, with reference §205.601 and §205.602
  • Allowed inputs (continued)
  • Contamination risk management with emphasis on §205.201 (a) (5)

Week 2
NOP Process Standard

  • The organic standards for process certification
  • General aspects (§205.2, §205.270)
  • Certification categories (§205.300 to §205.302)
  • Ingredients, additives and processing aids (§205.605 and §205.606)
  • Control of pests in the plant with reference to §205.271
  • Cleaning agents and cleaning procedures with reference to §205.601 (b)
  • The organic control points of a process with reference to §205.201 (a) (5), §205.272
  • Labeling with reference to §205.303 and §205.307

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